Pura Vida FAQ

Yes! Although you save significantly on purchasing the annual subscription (4 boxes per year), and will miss out on all the other goodies included in our seasonal boxes…but if you’d just like to try one box, or send a box as a special gift to someone, then the option to purchase just one box is availalbe.

Our boxes are only partially personalized. What that means is from time to time we may include an article of clothing (tank top, t-shirt or warm-up shirt), so when you sign up for your Pura Vida Kit we will ask you for your shirt size.

The rest of the box is curated with Anamaya Approved products that you will LOVE! We also might have you fill out a survey which will help us select products for future boxes.

If you sign up in between seasons, you will get the Seasonal Kit that is currently shipping if it’s still available. If it is no longer available you will receive a box that we call “Kelsey’s Kit”. This is a box that one of Anamaya’s Owners, Kelsey Matheson will personally curate with the most popular items just for you!

If you sign up for your subscription in between seasons and the current seasonal box has sold out, your first box will be Kelsey’s Kit.

What’s in it?

Hand-picked by one of the owners of Anamaya Resort, Kelsey Matheson – Kelsey’s Kit features our favorite brands and products. Boxes will vary, but every kit features Anamaya approved, curated products that promote self-care and encourage me-time!

We’ve designed each curation as a perfect way to have a little Anamaya arrive at your doorstep 4 times per year, highlighting the products and brands most loved by our guests, staff and owners.

When you sign up for the annual subscription you will be charged the full amount at that time. Your annual subscription will then automatically renew a year later unless you cancel your membership.

If you only purchase one box, you will be charged for that box, at that time only. There is no automatic renewal when only one box is purchased.

The contents of your kit are going to be a surprise - that’s part of the fun! During the season, we’ll post spoilers on Instagram, Facebook and through our newsletter revealing some of the awesome items in advance.

To get an idea of the types of amazing Anamaya inspired products you might get, here’s a list of what you might find inside:

    • Organic and natural clay masks that remove toxins and make your skin GLOW!
    • Yoga accessories like bags, non-toxic mat cleaners, yoga blocks, and more.
    • Meditation pillows.
    • Essential Oil diffusers and oil kits.
    • Organic tank-tops, t-shirts and warm-up shirts that support causes to make the world a better place.
    • Natural and non-toxic sunscreens, bug repellants, and healing balms.
    • Travel inspired gifts to help make your travels effortless and enjoyable.
    • Specialized teas and tea infusers.
    • Environmentally friendly yoga mats.
    • Recipe cards from the one and only Chef Jeff!
  • AND SO MUCH MORE…but we don’t want to spoil the fun!

At this time, all purchases are final sale and nonrefundable. We do not accept returns or exchanges of boxes, box items, or additional box purchases. Any returns made to us will not be eligible for a refund.

Trust us – you won’t want to send anything back anyway! And if something isn’t exactly “your thing”…use it as a gift. We know there is someone in your circle of friends, family or community who would be thrilled to receive it.

When you sign up for the Pura Vida Kit, you’ll get a box of fabulous finds that are Anamaya Inspired - hand-picked by the owners of Anamaya Resort! Each box contains $200+ in retail value. You will receive a Seasonal Box (4) four times per year.

You will be charged immediately after selecting the Annual Subscription, and an email confirmation of your order will be sent and you.

Depending on when you sign up, the previous season’s Kit or Kelsey’s Kit will be the first box you receive. Kelsey’s Kit is offered in between seasons once the previous season’s Box has sold out. It contains some of Kelsey’s all time favorite items. Who’s Kelsey? She’s one of the owners of Anamaya Resort.

After your first Kit, your membership will continue according to our seasonal schedule, and your subscription will renew every year unless you decide to cancel. Don’t worry – we’ll send you an email letting you know your annual subscription is about to renew so you have time to cancel or plan for your next payment.

At this time we do not offer any refunds, plus we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the amazing goodies that are on their way to you… That being said we want to make sure all our clients are satisfied, so for some reason if you feel strongly about canceling, please contact customer service at: 866-412-5350 so we can take care of your needs.

If you need to update your billing or shipping information, you can log into “my account” on anamaya.com or contact 866-412-5350 and a customer service representative will contact you ASAP to update your personal information.